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Darling Dental joins the Impression Dental Group

September 2023

Impression Dental Group is excited to share the news of the expanding network with the inclusion of Darling Dental, a premier dental practice located in Tamworth, New South Wales. As the network continues to grow, Darling Dental brings its 8-chair facility into IDG’s array of practices throughout NSW, enhancing our reach in both bustling cityscapes and the serene countryside.

The addition of Darling Dental elevates our network to a total of 22 locations, each sharing a dedication to excellence in patient care. Led by Dr. Paul Hagley, Darling Dental has earned a reputation for its exceptional leadership and a patient-first philosophy that resonates with our own values.

We are inspired by the strong team culture and clinical prowess that Darling Dental exhibits, traits that are a natural fit for the Impression Dental Group ethos. Their patient-centric approach not only complements but enhances the quality and scope of care we strive to provide.

A warm welcome to the team at Darling Dental. Together, we look forward to a promising path forward, setting new standards in dental care and patient experience – here’s to a future filled with smiles, growth, and shared success!

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