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Who is Impression
Dental Group

We are a group of industry professionals committed to delivering exceptional patient outcomes and growing dental careers and practices.

Impression Dental Group is where practices and dentists come to grow. We offer a collaborative environment, respecting the individuality of your practice while equipping you with the resources for enhanced patient care. For dentists, our commitment to your professional development is unmatched, with access to top-tier, bespoke education and mentorship programs. Partner with us for a supportive network that champions your independence and fuels your ongoing success – let’s get it started.

What we stand for Your Network. Your Way.

Our mantra means we serve you, understanding how you want to operate and building the custom framework for you around that. There’s no cookie-cutter here as we know every clinic, dentist and situation is unique, and we treat it like that on our mission to being Australia’s leading dental network. 

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How we’re different for partners

We offer a unqiue practitioner partnership model whether you’re:

  • Looking to exit
    providing clear, simple and fair exits where we do the heavy lifting
  • Looking to balance
    work, life, value, risk – we support you in focusing on what matters to you
  • Looking to grow
    helping plan what the next stage of your clinic, and personal, journey looks like.
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How we’re different for careers

We have a 3-pronged strategy for continued career and professional success where we:

  • Invest in people
    hiring top talent and placing them in great working environments
  • Invest in support
    finance functions, operations, recruitment, IT, marketing, payroll
  • Invest in futures
    custom education and graduate programs for dentists grow and thrive.
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Since we started we have been dedicated to evolving, growing, and making things happen - see here just some of what we have going on.

The Impresson Dental Group

Discover the growing community at Impression Dental Group. Each logo represents a partner clinic or group in the network that has made a commitment to collaborative growth and excellence in dental care.

Who is Impression Dental Group

Hear from our founding partner: A/Prof Chris Ho

Dr Chris Ho has spent a lifetime at the forefront of Australian Dentistry. Hear in his own words why now was the time to come together and create Impression Dental Group, who it is for and where it is headed.


Whether you’re starting out or looking for that next step, our practices are made for life-long professionals - find out why below

Graduates and new dentists

Finding that first fit when you’re coming into dentistry can be difficult, as practices need to invest time and effort in helping you grow your patient base as well as your skills through mentor and education programs. That’s why we support our clinics with new-dentists playbooks, helping build you up faster than many other companies can.

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Established professionals

Whether you’re looking for a change or something you can call your own, our wide network can be perfect to support you in transitioning smoothly to that next career step. Get in touch with our team for a confidential discussion and we can let you know before the rest of the market should any non-advertised roles become available.

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Owners & Exits

Whether you’re looking to finish strong with your career, or planning to exit and hand over the reins, we can help with transitions that leave you rewarded and your patients in very capable hands. From quick changes to tapering things down over months or even years, we work with you your way to ensure work, life and balance in all things.

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“I chose to exit my clinic with IDG because I wanted to pass it on to my junior team, and no other network had the faculty to be able to help me do that in a way that was easy and made sense. I couldn’t have chosen better”

2023 exiting partner, QLD

Great Place to Work 2024 certified

Total IDG team of

250+ people

So where to from here?

As we always say, no two journeys are the same and so whether you've made your mind up and want to act to get things moving, or simply happy where you are today, we're here for you when you're ready.

  1. If today’s the day to get started… 
    Fantastic – the next step is easy. Simply reach out via the website or give us a call and tell us about you and what you want to do next. Together, we can move as quick as you want to turn that reach out into the next chapter of your story.
  2. If today’s not the day, but maybe one day…
    That’s ok too – we’ll be here when the time’s right. In the meantime we suggest signing up for our newsletter or following us on socials. You can still reach out to connect even if it’s just to say hi or tee up a coffee to connect & learn from our team. 

Our top 5 FAQs

We know 5 probably doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the questions you might have, but we find having a couple here could help you with some of the answers you may be looking for – if not, get in touch and we’ll be happy to tell you more.

  • What makes Impression Dental Group different from other dental networks?

    Lots of things, but if we had to give a top line about it: Impression Dental Group stands out for its unique partnership model that values the individuality of each practice while providing robust support to enhance patient care and efficiency. For careers, we blend autonomy with the benefits of a collaborative network, promoting both professional growth and operational excellence which means ultimately more benefit for you, whatever stage of your journey you’re at.

  • How does Impression Dental Group support the professional development of its dentists?

    We are deeply invested in the growth of our dentists. Our network provides comprehensive access to an industry-leading, bespoke education programs and one-on-one mentorships, fostering a learning environment that encourages continuous improvement and career advancement.

  • Can independent practices maintain their brand identity when joining Impression Dental Group?

    Absolutely. We celebrate the unique identity of each practice. While we offer the backing of a strong network, practices retain their brand presence and local charm, ensuring patients continue to receive the personalised care they trust.

  • What are the benefits of joining Impression Dental Group as a practice owner?

    Practice owners gain access to a vast array of resources, including administrative support, marketing, HR, and the latest in dental technology. This allows you to focus more on patient care and less on the day-to-day business operations, with the added benefit of being part of a larger, supportive community.

  • How does Impression Dental Group ensure high-quality patient care across its network?

    Quality care is our priority. We implement rigorous standards, regular training, and quality assurance measures across all our practices. Our network encourages sharing best practices and innovations in dental care, ensuring every patient encounter reflects our high standards.

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