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Impression Dental Group Launches Bespoke Dentist Education Platform for the Network

October 2023

Impression Dental Group is ecstatic to announce the launch of our cutting-edge Education Program, less than one year since launching the group, with it being meticulously designed for clinicians within our network. This initiative underscores our unwavering dedication to empowering our clinicians with best-in-class knowledge and advancing their key skills across a spectrum of disciplines.

The Education Program, a direct response to the feedback and needs of our clinicians, promises a lineup of eminent world-class speakers. These industry experts will delve into a broad range of subjects, from stress management and effective treatment planning to the intricacies of restorative dentistry and the nuances of orthodontics.

Clinicians can look forward to engaging live-to-web events spearheaded by Dr. Aodhan Docherty, our Chief Education Officer. Each session promises to be an immersive experience, complete with a live Q&A segment, allowing for real-time interaction and inquiry.

While each event is recorded for on-demand access, attending the live sessions is highly encouraged to experience the dynamic and interactive essence of the learning environment.

The inaugural session of the program will feature Dr. Docherty himself, who will present on ‘The New Patient Experience & Treatment Planning’. This session is scheduled for Tuesday, 24th October at 6 pm AEST., with the program then continuing with Dr. Bharat Agrawal’s presentation on ‘Anterior Composite Resin’ on Tuesday, 14th November, with further details to be communicated in due course.

Spotlight on Dr. Aodhan Docherty: Dr. Docherty brings a wealth of experience to the program. With a distinguished tenure at the University of Sydney that culminated in honours and a University Medal. He is not only an alumnus of the prestigious Fahl Cosmetic Academy and the Kois Academy but also an author of a textbook that is a vital resource for implant dentistry practitioners making him expert when it comes to clinician education.

Impression Dental Group is excited to bring this exclusive educational experience to our network, fostering a culture of continuous professional development and clinical excellence. We are committed to nurturing the talents of our clinicians, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of the dental field. Join us as we embark on this enriching educational endeavour – or, if you are outside of Impression Dental Group’s network, get in touch with our team as we are happy to share and build up other clinicians to further Australian dentistry.

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