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Mark O’Brien of Impression Dental Group to Speak at Dental Forum International 2023

August 2023

Impression Dental Group is proud to announce that our CEO, Mark O’Brien, will be gracing the stage at the prestigious Dental Forum International 2023 in Bangkok this August. This gathering is not just any event; it’s a convergence of many of the brightest minds in dentistry from across the Asia-Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East and Africa regions.

Mark will be sharing the platform with esteemed industry thought leaders and top-tier practitioners, contributing his profound insights on the evolution of dental care. This forum serves as an invaluable opportunity for delegates, dental groups, and suppliers to forge lasting relationships, gain knowledge from experts, explore groundbreaking products and services, and play a part in steering the course of the dental industry.

Impression Dental Group is excited to support Mark as he represents our organisation on such a significant international forum, showcasing the innovative spirit that we embody and we look forward to the ideas and initiatives that will bloom from this event, influencing the future of dental care on a global scale.

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