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Totally Smiles and About Smiles merge to form Impression Dental Group

October 2022

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Impression Dental Group, a new, Australian network formed through the strategic merger of Totally Smiles and About Smiles. With the integration of the renowned Sydney-based dental brands About Smiles, Care Dentistry, and Ceramic Artisans Dental Laboratory by Associate Professor Chris Ho, and the addition of Orange’s Sale Street Dental as the first additional clinic to join, Impression Dental Group sets a new standard for the industry for those looking to step-change their dental practice and career in the industry.

This exciting merger signifies a new chapter for the clinics involved, emphasising a partnership model that deeply resonates with leading dental practitioners. Dr. Ho, a visionary with over thirty years of experience, has been appointed as the Chief Dental Officer and member of the board, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the forefront of the group.

Mark O’Brien, CEO, says that the group is dedicated to expansion and innovation, looking to redefine the professional journeys of dental practitioners across Australia. The group’s partnership ethos, encapsulated by the mantra “Your Network. Your Way.”, is designed to empower dental professionals to focus on delivering outstanding patient care while the business elements are adeptly managed by the group and supporting teams.

In line with the group’s vision for growth, Impression Dental Group is actively engaging with seasoned dentists to provide a robust platform that supports both their professional aspirations and their commitment to excellent healthcare outcomes. The group is poised for growth, ready to embrace the future of Australian dentistry with open arms – and excited about what lays ahead.

Linkedin: Impression Dental Group