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Toothbooth Clinics Join Forces with Impression Dental Network

February 2023

Impression Dental Group is delighted to announce a significant expansion with the incorporation of Toothbooth to the network, a distinguished dental care provider from Queensland. This new alliance brings Toothbooth into good company amongst the Impression Dental Group brands that includes About Smiles, headed by the renowned prosthodontist Dr. Chris Ho, and Care Dentistry, Sale Street Dental, Totally Smiles, and Ceramic Artisans Dental Laboratory.

This integration marks less than six months of remarkable growth for Impression Dental Group. CEO Mark O’Brien highlights the appeal of the Group’s unique partnership model, which has been warmly received by dental clinics nationwide. Impression Dental Group’s commitment to fostering collaborative relationships with leading dental practices is reflected in the enthusiastic response from the dental community and the sustained expansion of its network.

Toothbooth’s inclusion underlines Impression Dental Group’s dedication to excellence in dental care and its pursuit of creating a comprehensive network of top-tier dental services, reinforcing its position at the forefront of the Australian dental industry.

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